A sea change is coming.

Better swim with the big fish.
A tidal wave of new technology is transforming the residential real estate development
business, and SaleFish is leading the way. Our software has been helping residential real estate developers maximize profits for more than a decade and has facilitated more than 50 billion dollars in home and condo sales.

Let’s talk about saving money on every sale you make.


Margins you never imagined on every home or condo you sell.

Make your next project the most profitable ever.
SaleFish is changing the equation completely. When you adopt SaleFish technology you’ll see an immediate boost to your bottom line. Our software improves operational efficiency, simplifies the selling process, saves time and cuts the cost of sales up to 75%.

So if you’re still doing business the old way, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Change is inevitable. 
Better get ahead of it.

SaleFish technology will make your sales operation dramatically more efficient, no matter what you're selling. 

Software app for condo developers


SaleFish for Condo Developers
Putting up high-rise condos? SaleFish connects you directly to savvy buyers and investors around the world. Manage and complete sales transactions anywhere, anytime, from any device.
Real Estate software for townhome developers


SaleFish for Townhome Developers
SaleFish is the leading provider of sales management software and buyer apps for townhome developers. Dramatically improve the buyer’s experience — and your bottom line.
Software app for home builders

Single-family homes

SaleFish for Home Builders
Building multiple neighborhoods of single family homes? SaleFish technology can streamline the sales process with real-time sales data and fully automated document production.
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Sea Change: Metamorphosis or profound transformation. A new paradigm in business. Reduced costs, increased profits, incredible ROI.

Global Sales:
Connect with prospective buyers and investors around the world, and complete virtual sales from any device.
Lower Cost Of Sales:
Save money by reducing commissions from one or both sides of the real estate transaction.

Operational Simplicity: 
Reduce the complexity of running your sales operation and become dramatically more efficient.

Improved Productivity: 
Eliminate costly errors, exceed the expectations of well-informed buyers and close more deals.

Unparalleled Transparency:
Real-time data provides fast, accurate oversight of all your sales processes. So you can stay connected and in control.

Additional Flexibility:
Change pricing, availability, documentation and workflow from any device. Easily integrate SaleFish software and apps into your existing ERP and CRM systems.

Get a free ROI calculation and see how much you can save on every sale you make.


What people are saying about SaleFish

Director of Sales at Van Dyke Group

Joseph Matysiak

Director of Sales at Van Dyke Group
“SaleFish gives us a level of flexibility and customization that helps us stay ahead of our competition. It’s a hands-on, tailor-made experience for our sales team and our buyers… floorplans, renderings, schematics and closing documents at our fingertips.”
President of Opus Homes

Andrea DeGasperis-Ronco

President of Opus Homes
“SaleFish software and apps have dramatically improved the buying experience for our customers. They can experiment with different homes on various lots and availability options. They can look up lot premiums, square footages, prices… just about anything needed to help make an informed purchasing decision.”
CEO at Pace Development

Pamela Ventresca

CEO at Pace Development
“To say that SaleFish is a big hit around here is an understatement. The simplicity of it is quite amazing… This software cuts a 45-minute process down to five minutes. We completed 40 deals in two hours. That’s unheard of!”
Voted top software product for 2019 by Construct Tech magazine. 
Received a global innovation award from the National Association of Homebuilders in 2016.
Voted top product Construct Tech
2016 winner of Global Inovation Awards
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