3-year Old Enjoys a Backyard Playground Thanks to Plus Group Team Building

Million Dollar Smiles abound from the PLUS GROUP Of Companies headed by Rob Nicolucci (kneeling front left). His team, representing RN Design, Salefish Software, COOLAID Studios and SRN Architects Inc., recently donated and built a complete backyard playground for a Scarborough, ON family with a 3-year old with developmental health challenges.

Photo: Evan Eisenstadt

Million Dollar Smiles (milliondollarsmiles.ca) is a non-profit organization that provides support for families with children who have life-threatening illnesses.

A practical example of their support is to build play structures with the help of corporate and individual volunteers.

Recently, the PLUS GROUP Of Companies (RN Design, Salefish Software, COOLAID Studios and SRN Architects Inc.) pitched in to help to put a smile on the face of 3-year-old Vikaas Suvendiran and his parents. An only child, Vikaas is diagnosed with severe Global Development Delay.

Led by PLUS Group principal Rob Nicolucci, 25 staff members (and some with their own children) spent five hours building the playground. Vikaas’ father, Thirunamarajah, and mother, Thayaananthi, were smiling as well.

“We’ve supported this charity since 2015,” Nicolucci says. “We’ve completed six backyard playgrounds, and over 100 of our employees have participated. At approximately $3,000 per build, this means we have donated $18,000 to this worthy cause in a very tangible way. Our collective experience gives team building real meaning. It feels great for all of us to provide our physical presence rather than simply writing a cheque. The smile on Vikaas’ face and that of his parents is our true reward.”

“I’m truly honored to have all the support from this amazing sponsor and all the volunteers that come out every year,” said Million Dollar Smiles Founder and Director Ana Lopes.

Million Dollar Smiles volunteer Vicki Arciero added, “I always look forward to participating in what is a magical day for families and their children.”

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