SaleFish is a world-class team of computer programmers, researchers, UX designers, consumer behavior experts and international real estate industry veterans.

We’re working together to revolutionize the way residential real estate developers and builders transact business.

The company was started in 2004 by Rick Haws and Rob Nicolucci, entrepreneurs with backgrounds in architecture and design. They understand the complexities of the development business, the ever-changing challenges, and the need for efficiency at every turn. Their insight — and the expertise of the entire team — is leading a sea change in the proptech sector.

SaleFish provides a complete suite of software solutions and apps for residential real estate developers and builders.

SaleFish technology will:
Simplify your sales operation and make it more efficient.
Make your business more profitable.

Our apps and software integrate seamlessly with your CRM or ERP software. So SaleFish makes life much easier for everyone on your sales team, while simultaneously improving the experience for buyers.

Here are just a few of the things you can do with SaleFish:

Reduce the cost of sales.
Reach prospective buyers and investors all over the world and make home buying easy for them.
Centralise all your closing documents, capture electronic signatures, and complete transactions faster, anywhere in the world.
Share real-time sales data and make the entire process completely transparent.
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You need SaleFish when you’re preparing to launch any residential real estate development project.

Whether you’re building high rise condos, stacked or standard townhomes, or single family homes, we can help you sell more, close faster, and increase your margins on every unit.

You need SaleFish when new competitors come along. Our software and apps will ensure that you stay ahead of the pack.

You need SaleFish when you have new hoops to jump through. Without warning, governments can sabotage your operation with complicated new regulations. SaleFish can help you navigate those changes and comply with new regulations in a cost-effective manner.

Now is the time.
Residential real estate development project software

SaleFish is everywhere.

The corporate headquarters is in Toronto, but we serve clients and buyers all over the world. Chinese investors are buying condos in Canada. Canadians are buying vacation homes in Jamaica. Countries like Germany and Poland are experiencing a real estate boom that is attracting international attention and investment.

It’s a truly global market.
A truly global market - Salefish serves builders and developers around the globe

Why SaleFish?  

Because a sea change is coming to the proptech industry. Everything is changing, and if you don’t keep up you’re going to sink.

Because sales operations in the residential real estate development industry are inherently inefficient.

Because the market is truly global. You need ways to reach buyers beyond the boundaries of your sales office or local real estate market.

Because transparency is the only way to stay in control of your sales costs.

Because there are plenty of other variables in this business that you cannot control.
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