Active Siting simplifies the entire process for builders, realtors and buyers.

One of the key features included in Salefish Low-Rise Sales Software is it's ability to select the right model and architectural style and then place it directly on a site plan during the buying process.

The entire process occurs in real time and is completely automatic.

This live process is what we refer to as Active Siting and is a term that we coined to describe the process of providing real time model and lot availability.

Active Siting For Home Builders - Screenshot

Local building departments and municipalities usually set requirements that define overall design objectives as well as specific architectural design rules. Local developers usually create what are called Architectural Control Guidelines to implement the required criteria.

For example, a common Architectural Control limits identical elevations to be placed side by side to avoid repetition. Managing this control by itself might seems like an easy task, but there are currently 23 architectural control rules based on municipal bylaws.

Now imagine juggling all these rules at the same time and having your buyer wait for you to sort through mounds of paperwork. With Salfish’s Active Siting, sales agents have the tools they need to sell effectively and prospective buyers are happy to receive information instantaneously. Builders are also rewarded as homes are properly place on the lots and meet the Architectural guidelines.

Salefish allows you to define all these Architectural Controls within a simple project setup. From this point onward, just let our sales software handle the rest. Active Siting will eliminate all the confusion associated with process of buying and selling homes in new communities.

With Salefish's Active Siting Everybody Wins.

Home Builders are recognized for beautiful communities and attractive streetscapes with little effort. They can also manage their units and lots on autopilot. For example a Builder can restrict specific unit types to certain lots types to maximize revenue.

Sellers are instantly educated as to which homes fit on which lots. In turn they sell more homes. Salefish transactions are always smooth, effortless and error free. On demand reporting is just a click away.

Buyers will have a better buying experience and find their ideal home right away. In turn they spread the word to family and friends.

Learn more about how Active Siting can change the way you sell homes. Take a tour right now.

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