SaleFish for Agents

Selling an off-the-plan project?

If you have an off-the-plan project that you’re selling on behalf of a vendor, contact us asap. We’ll list that with our revolutionary SaleFish system so all your sales can be made locally, nationally, or globally.

You can do this at any stage of a project – whether it’s at the beginning, or if you have just a couple of listings to go. We’ll work with you under a standard conjunctional agreement to give you access to a tool that will help your listings reach an unimaginably bigger, wider market. But you’ll always run the show. And you’ll have a huge advantage in the industry by presenting SaleFish as part of your repertoire to win listings.

Make the world your marketplace.

How SaleFish works for you

As an agent, you need stock to sell. You’ll get this in spades with the SaleFish system because all stock is available for all agencies and agents to sell.

Pay under a standard agency agreement for access to SaleFish as an agent, and you’ll open a door to a plethora of free tools and exposure that would normally be worth a mint. You’ll be out there and visible 24/7 to all the land estates in the SaleFish marketplace – that’s locally, nationally and globally. And in real-time, too. The world is your oyster.

Your buyers will love to see building designs in 3D on the blocks or lots of their choice, so your sales could skyrocket. When they want to buy, they prove their identity, sign their application and pay their deposit – all online, with the tap of a phone or click of a button. How good is that?


Security can be a worry, but not on SaleFish. All data is completely secure. No one can poach another agent’s clients. No one can even peek at your sales. If you own an agency, all transactions of agents in your agency are completely transparent to you, but not to each other. So there’s no way anyone could manipulate the system to their advantage. It’s a completely secure level playing field.

Lead generation

And when it comes to lead generation, the lifeblood of agents, you have access to the designs of all builders – in 3D – for all land estates in the SaleFish marketplace, whether local, national or global. Want a global empire? Start building it with SaleFish.

To sum up

To recap. The SaleFish system gives you access to all builders’ designs, in all land estates, wherever they are. Buyers can cross global barriers virtually, to browse, select, transact, deposit and sign building contracts on the SaleFish platform – your global marketplace.

And once you’ve sold a building and land package, that’s far from the end of it. Your moment of fame lives on for the complete life of the project.