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On Our Own Bus

I'm a fan of the shows Dragon's Den and Shark Tank. They’re essentially the same show with slight differences: business owners try to convince investors (dragons and sharks) to invest in their business. The episodes I like the best are the ones in which the business owners are ‘on their own bus’ (is the way […]

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Our Mission Is Simplicity

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler," is a famous quote that has been attributed to Albert Einstein. It’s generally believed, however, that he never actually said this; in fact, it was paraphrased by an interviewer in 1950. I won't delve into the actual wording that Einstein used, but the concept […]

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How to Streamline Your Sales Process (It's Easier Than You Think!)

SaleFish Software can transform your business. The software is designed to streamline the new home and condo sales process and to help you sell real estate 24/7 from anywhere in the world. SaleFish Software is known to be the best in the business. It’s efficient, accurate, trusted, integrated and easy. Want to learn more? Let’s […]

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FAQ – What's in a Name?

One of the questions we get asked most frequently is how we came up with the name SaleFish and what it means. I wish I could say that there's some deep-rooted meaning, some grand historical significance, or that SaleFish is the long lost ancient god of real estate sales, but alas none of this is […]

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Your Secret Weapon on Opening Weekend – and Every Day

Are You a Victim of These Common Inefficiencies? Imagine that it’s opening weekend. The grand opening. Finally. After months of planning and hard work, your real estate development is ready to open its doors. You watch the line-up of buyers and investors waiting at the door. They have brochures in hand and are glancing at […]

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The First Blog: Take 3… ACTION!

I've considered writing a blog in the past. I even started a couple of times but never continued. I didn't feel I had anything interesting to say, so it was forced, inauthentic, painful to write, and most surely painful to read. Recently, though, I've come to appreciate where I am and how I got here. I’m […]

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What can SaleFish do for you?

Maximize revenue Reduce costs Mitigate risk Elevate customer experience SaleFish streamlines every step of the real estate purchasing process. Within minutes, and with minimal staff assistance, a client can become a homeowner. Through our software, users can select lots, homes, and add ons, move quickly through automatically generated paperwork, import their required ID, and electronically […]

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Early Origins of SaleFish — It was a classic, problem-solution start up…

Typical SaleFish Onsite Sales Office SaleFish Software was born more than 15 years ago in the conference room of RN Design, in Toronto, Canada. Rob Nicolocci started doing design work for residential real estate developers back in 1991, and over the years he kept hearing the same complaint from his clients… Rob would deliver all […]

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SaleFish: Point of sale software a hit with new home buyers

SaleFish, a cloud-based point-of-sale real estate software solution, has proven to be a hit with real estate developers, new home builders, salespeople and clients. The software is being used to provide up-to-date information about the building lots and home design options in new developments. Yvonne Dick, REMonline.com (Original article) September 21, 2018 Andrea DeGasperis-Ronco, president […]

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