SaleFish for Builders

SaleFish really understands builder’s needs. Access the software as a builder and pay just for that access under a standard agency agreement. But you’ll then have exposure to all of the land estates in the SaleFish stable. So don’t just think local. Think global. This is SaleFish after all. And we’re talking real-time data. What you see is what’s there – right now.

Your designs are there in glorious 3D with all their architectural features for local – and global – buyers to view and select for their chosen blocks or lots. Or clients choose a design and match it to a block. It’s so versatile that you’ll never lose a buyer again!

Your consultants no longer need outdated Excel spreadsheets. They don’t need plans of subdivision, or engineering drawings. Nor do they need the land agent’s number. Those things are useless now that SaleFish is here. With real time data you know instantly what’s available.

Online from go to whoa

And it just gets better. Buyers can now choose the home for their block, prove their identity, sign the building contract and pay their deposit too - all online or on the SaleFish app on your iPad. This is a fantastic service, especially when various types of lockdowns are occurring, not just in Australia, but around the world.

All your sales are displayed, with a virtual flag showing your name and company logo for all to see. This is on our first in Australia one-of-a-kind brand new advertising platform for everyone to view – 24/7. It’s a virtual display home – for the duration of the land estate life cycle. That means right from stage 1 sales to the very last block that’s sold.

SaleFish marketplace

Your sales are live, displaying your strength in the market. And SaleFish is always ready to take potential clients on a tour. The best part is that the SaleFish market place allows purchasers the opportunity to self-serve your design on any block, sign and deposit in your sleep! That’s like having global advertising – it’s priceless.

Now here’s the real kicker. While you’re showing off your building muscle and your fabulous designs in the marketplace, 24/7, you’re also generating leads locally, nationally and globally – all online.


And it goes without saying that all your data and all your buyer’s data is safe as houses. We’re the only real estate platform in the world that’s specifically designed to cater for off-the-plan properties, that meets the EU Cyber Security Standards, the highest standards in the world. With $55B in online sales, we are definitely the leaders in the market.