Buying a new home online is as easy as 123

Toronto, Ontario—As the world presents us with new minute-to-minute challenges, we must also be open for business—innovating, constantly getting ahead of the curve, and helping to drive the real estate industry forward during these times.

Rick Haws, President of SaleFish, states “SaleFish is the world leader in real estate technology, with over 15 years’ experience and over $55 Billion in worldwide real estate transactions. We’re the only software with secure data accreditation, and the only company ready to have your new home project 100% fully digital for online sales in a matter of a week. There are many that try to imitate, or claim they can replicate, but it’s simply not the case. Now is the perfect time to look to an industry leader for your digital sales needs. SaleFish Online is the perfect solution for today’s current needs, and the future of this industry.”

SaleFish Online is making it possible for the first time to buy a home from anywhere in the world. In as little as just one week, SaleFish Online can transition an existing new home or apartment sales centre and traditional marketing and sales approach into an online-only, one-stop digital shop. Working closely with its marketing, advertising, and PLUS Group partner COOLAID Studios, SaleFish Online easily incorporates digital brochures, renderings, community and building amenities, floor plans – and even fully-rendered virtual model homes – everything you need to ensure potential buyers can see and experience your offerings before clicking Buy. Securing the biggest investment of a potential homeowner’s future has never been easier than it is now.

How does this ground-breaking technology all work? It’s as easy as 1, 2 3.  Register, Browse and Select, and Buy. The new homes sales process has, in many cases, become an archaic, time-consuming and overwhelming process. Now is the time to move forward and simplify the buying process. And with SaleFish Online and a digital-focused marketing agency, such as COOLAID Studios, it’s possible to sell a home using these three easy steps.

SaleFish Online will allow purchasers to search through various offerings in the same way they would browse a menu and select their food items. They can view renderings, floorplans floor plans by size, type, pricing, or storeys, all while the lot or House Design availability updates in real time. When they find the home of their dreams (or the apartment of their dreams), a potential buyer can then select and choose from stunning options and finishes to be included as part of their purchase.

Your future buyer can use their credit/debit card or PayPal account to make their first deposit towards the purchase of their new home. When they hit Buy—that’s it! They have successfully bought their home or apartments without ever stepping inside a sales centre or even negotiating with sales agents if they choose not to.

SaleFish Online’ s proprietary digital signature feature and online document portal will keep track of all agreements, purchase documents, amendments, deposits, payment history and more. The best part? All personal documents are safe and secure as SaleFish has recently been named the first and only real estate platform in the world to be certified by Cyber Essentials Canada. 

“What better time than now to start reshaping how the world markets and transacts real estate,” writes Greg Cory, COO of COOLAID Studios, an advertising and marketing company specialising in digital executions. “I’m excited and proud to say COOLAID partnered with SaleFish Online and together have many project launches in the next four weeks alone, and are in talks to transition more to online and launch new projects this fall. The industry is ready. No sales offices. No middlemen. Just a seamless, 100% safe and secure process that allows for purchasers and investors to connect directly with builders across the world. Online sales will be the new normal.”

We currently find ourselves staying home, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some amazing opportunities to be had. SaleFish Online is revolutionising the real estate world and setting the pace, always ahead of the curve—because now is the time to embrace change and move forward in an industry that is ready for online sales. The future is digital.

Join the real estate revolution and contact us to find out how you can integrate online sales into your existing site or start marketing your next project in a digital world.

Rick Haws


SaleFish Inc.



SALEFISH INC. is a world-class team of computer programmers, researchers, UX designers, consumer behaviour experts and veterans of the international real estate industry.

We’re working together to revolutionise the way residential real estate developers and builders transact business. We’ve built a completely new front end, but the back end is still the same.

The company was set up in 2004 by Rick Haws and Rob Nicolucci, both entrepreneurs with backgrounds in architecture and design. They understood the complexities of the development business, its ever-changing challenges, and the need for efficiency at every turn. Their insight – and the expertise of the entire team – is leading a sea change in the property technology sector.