YUL Condominiums, Sky Condos

Brivia approached us with two challenges on the YUL Apartments project. 

The first was a regulatory compliance issue. The Montreal government had just implemented a complicated new set of regulatory requirements, such as detailed calculations on jurisdictional rebates, based on the type of end-user ownership and documentation in multiple languages. Automating all that within the SaleFish software platform proved to be an easy way to handle the added headache of government compliance.

The second challenge for Brivia was the desire to do online transactions with investor buyers in Asia, while simultaneously selling locally. This was the first time a developer utilised SaleFish technology to sell overseas.

Brivia Group
Project:: YUL Condominiums, Sky Condos
Location: Montreal, Quebec
Results:  Easily handled new government regulations while reaching investors in Asia. 

Belle Aire Shores

Belle Aire Shores is a unique community where three different builders own lots, and they all share a common set of architectural designs. 

So they turned to SaleFish to help manage all the different variables.

This required extensive customisation to workflows, sales lists and reporting features to limit access to all administrative features based on the company that was assigned to each individual buyer. It also involved a new purchaser interface to allow users to select a builder in advance of selecting a lot or model. 

Purchasers raved about the experience. The online sales event even allowed a local resident to purchase a home while on vacation in the US.

Belle Aire Shores Salefish Case Study
Builders: Zancor Homes, Pristine Homes, Fernbrook Homes
Project: Belle Aire Shores
Location: Innisfil, Ontario
Results:  A partnership between three builders sells 19 homes in 19 minutes.

Nobu Apartments

Nobu is one of the most exclusive, high-profile apartment projects in Toronto. Anchored by the famous Nobu Hotel and restaurant chain, these twin high-rises are sure to become two of Toronto’s most sought-after addresses. 

Occupancy is scheduled to begin in 2021, and pre-sales are rolling in from around the world. Madison Group integrated SaleFish into their operation in order to manage the sales process more efficiently and reach investors around the world. 

Nobu represents the most extensive use of SaleFish software to date. Madison Group employs a full suite of automation tools, including driver’s licence scanning, paperless signing, payment processing, document tracking, and a host of features that make the buying experience easier and more enjoyable.

Nobu Condos
Madison Group
Project: Nobu High-rise Condos
Location: Toronto - Entertainment District
Results: Sold 347 of the 660 units within 1 week of opening.

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