Case Studies: Technology In Residential Real Estate Development

ParQ Towns

In early 2020, Cachet Homes initiated a plan to launch ParQ, an ambitious project of 150 townhomes in Brantford, Ontario, with three Plus Group companies at the forefront of real estate innovation - RN Design, COOLAID Studios, and SaleFish Software.

SaleFish was the key to piece this all together powering an interactive site plan embedded into the digital brochure, allowing users to browse specific townhomes in more detail.

Separately, SaleFish Software also powered an entire online sales platform prepared by COOLAID so come purchase time, broker agents could process transactions online with ease, security, and the utmost efficiency. The cloud-based solution allowed multiple agents to sell simultaneously and see in real time what sales were in queue to speed up the process. SaleFish’s technology made this virtual launch possible.

The end result? One of the most successful launches in Cachet’s history and all without a sales centre! While navigating a global pandemic, the collaborative efforts of three Plus Group companies and Spectrum Realty allowed Cachet to sell out of all 150 ParQ townhomes in only four days. What’s more, Cachet surpassed its own expectations by selling 40% of units directly to end-users. It’s truly telling of what teamwork can accomplish when combining an industry’s most innovative resources.
Cachet Homes
Project: ParQ Towns
Location: Brantford, Ontario
Results:  By providing a live site plan and the ability to process transactions entirely online, SaleFish helped facilitate the sale of 150 townhomes in just 4 days, all without a sales centre.

Casa Di Torre

Joint ventures pose a unique set of challenges for developers. In this case, Branthaven Homes and Marz Homes were teamed up on Casa Di Torre, and they needed a new level of transparency, cooperation and coordination to pull it off.

SaleFish provided the solution that allowed both companies to work together seamlessly.
Implementing all the functionality of SaleFish software and apps required a corporate shift that involved all levels of each company, from admin to sales to operations to legal… and right up to the ownership level.

The cross-over of information between multiple departments in two different companies worked perfectly. So critical data was always right at their fingertips.

Casa Di Torre was also the first project in which the builders utilized the native digital documents and digital workflow features of SaleFish.

Change is never easy, but the results were substantial…
Nine out of 10 purchasers chose to execute their deals digitally. Buyers got through the sales process in record time and reported an experience that was second to none.

And most of all, and the cost savings in time and materials for the developers was substantial.

Branthaven Homes & Marz Homes
Project: Casa Di Torre
Location: Stoney Creek, Ontario
Results:  SaleFish’s digital documents and digital workflow tools allowed them to eliminate one entire sales layer, reduce staff, and cut the cost of sales in half.

YUL Condominiums, Sky Condos

Brivia approached us with two challenges on the YUL condo project.

The first was a regulatory compliance issue. The Montreal government had just implemented a complicated new set of regulatory requirements, such as detailed calculations on jurisdictional rebates based on the type of end-user ownership and documentation in multiple languages. Automating all that within the SaleFish software platform proved to be an easy way to handle the added headache of government compliance.

The second challenge for Brivia was the desire to do online transactions with investor buyers in Asia, while simultaneously selling locally. This was the first time a developer utilized SaleFish technology to sell overseas. 

Brivia Group
Project: YUL Condominiums, Sky Condos
Location: Montreal, Quebec
Results:  Easily handled new government regulations while reaching investors in Asia. 

Belle Aire Shores

Belle Aire Shores is a unique community where three different builders own lots, and they all share a common set of architectural designs.

So they turned to SaleFish to help manage all the different variables.

This required extensive customization to workflows, sales lists and reporting features to limit access to all administrative features based on the company that was assigned to each individual buyer. It also involved a new purchaser interface to allow for the user to select a builder in advance of selecting a lot or model.

Purchasers raved about the experience. The online sales event even allowed a local resident to purchase a home while on vacation in the US.

Belle Aire Shores Salefish Case Study
Builders: Zancor Homes, Pristine Homes, Fernbrook Homes
Project: Belle Aire Shores
Location: Innisfil, Ontario
Results:  Three builders form a partnership to seamlessly sell multiple homes within minutes.

Nobu Condos

Nobu is one of the most exclusive, high-profile condominium projects in Toronto. Anchored by the famous Nobu Hotel and restaurant chain, these twin high-rises are sure to become two of Toronto’s most sought-after addresses.

Occupancy is scheduled to begin in 2021, and pre-sales are rolling in from around the world. Madison Group integrated SaleFish into their operation in order to manage the sales process more efficiently and reach investors around the world.

Nobu represents the most extensive use of SaleFish software to date. Madison Group employs a full suite of automation tools, including driver's license scanning, paperless signing, payment processing, document tracking, and a host of features that make the buying experience easier and more enjoyable.
Nobu Condos
Madison Group
Project: Nobu High-rise Condos
Location: Toronto - Entertainment District
Results: Sold more than half of the total units within 1 week of the opening.

Urban North Townhomes

“To say that SaleFish was a hit on that first project is an understatement”, says Pamela Ventresca, COO of PACE Developments.“On the Grand Opening weekend our sales reps processed between 400-500 visitors and sold over 100 homes. In one day, we completed 40 deals in two hours. That’s unheard of!”

PACE did it without administrators in the back doing paperwork by hand. The sales reps do it all electronically, from start to finish. “This software cuts the time from what is typically a 45-minute process to about five minutes. It’s flawless … and quite amazing, Ventresca said.”

“We can write deals at our head office in Richmond Hill with clients who don’t want to travel to the site. The system works on a cell phone or iPad. It’s all real time, which is the ultimate in efficiency. One evening, I completed a deal from my cell phone at 9 p.m. From that standpoint, it is invaluable.”

The PACE Developments team is so pleased with SaleFish, that they intend to use it on all upcoming projects. “We’ll use it across the board from now on,” Ms. Ventresca added.
Urban Townhomes
Builder/Developer: PACE Developments 
Project: Urban North Townhomes Community
Location: Barrie, Ontario Canada
Results: Reduced processing time from 45 minutes to 5 minutes, and closed 40 deals in just two hours.

Backyard Neighbourhood Condos

In 2016 the management team at VanDyk began searching for a software solution that would streamline their sales and documentation process for their latest high-density condo project.

VanDyk was accustomed to working in a fast-paced environment during launches and they needed new tools to help simplify the sales operation, speed up the closing process, and improve the experience for everyone involved.

“It worked really well,” says Joseph Matysiak, VANDYK’s Director of Sales. “SaleFish software expedited everything. We were able to use a clean interface, place buyers’ information into it, then integrate that into our resource management system. We use CRM software to generate our Agreements of Purchase and Sale and SaleFish integrates with that, so everyone from receptionists to new employees, administration and sales people can collaborate and make changes, all in real-time.”

Matysiak and his team used SaleFish software and apps to scan a purchaser’s photo ID, document the information and keep an up-to-date inventory list and issue all the necessary paperwork.

“It saves us legwork by making everything immediately available in a clean, organized way, and it’s very easy to make modifications. It’s a hands-on, tailor-made experience for our team and our buyers… Floorplans, pricing, renderings, schematics … it really is customized to our needs. “

Backyard Neighbourhood Condos
Builder/Developer: Vandyk Group
Project: Backyard Neighbourhood Condos
Location: South Etobicoke, Ontario
Results: A speedier sales process produced record profits per unit. 

Aurora Trails

Opus Homes is an award-winning residential real estate development company with more than a dozen successful communities throughout the greater Toronto area.

For their Aurora Trails project they really wanted to outdo themselves when it comes to the buyer’s experience, so they turned to SaleFish.

“For us, it’s all about the buying experience,” says Opus Homes President Andrea DeGasperis-Ronco. 

“Purchasing a brand new home can be intimidating, but SaleFish apps make it easy.”

Opus buyers love the kiosk in the presentation center. The software can also be used online by customers and sales reps prior to appointments. They can choose a lot first and find out which homes fit on it, or vice versa. Price changes, site details, plans and more are done “live” between the builder/designer or seller. Buyers can experiment with different homes on various lots and their availability options. They can look up lot premiums, square footages, prices…just about anything needed to help make an informed purchasing decision.

Aurora Trails - Salefish Client
Builder/Developer: Opus Homes
Project: Aurora Trails
Location: Aurora, Ontario
Results: Improved buyer experience sets Opus apart and speeds the closing process.

Gates of Edgehill

Dunsire Homes, based in Canada, needed a way to sell new homes in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

SaleFish was the answer.

Inventory was managed in real time and reservations were taken seamlessly, without ever meeting the buyers face to face.
Gates Of Edgehill - Inventory was managed in real time
Builder/Developer: Dunsire Homes
Project: Gates of Edgehill
Location: Ocho Rios, Jamaica
Results: Successfully launched this Jamiacan project through remote sales events in Toronto, New York and London.

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