Changing the Buying Experience

The way you buy a home may never be the same now that Salefish Software has entered — and captured — the market with a smart new way for builders and developers to keep track of sales and inventory.

In fact, Salefish received the Global Innovation Award from the National Association of Home Builders last year, when one in every six lowrise homes in the GTA and Greater Golden Horseshoe were sold using its software.

Condo Life Magazine - Feb 2018
Published on Jan 28, 2018

Salefish Software

“We've created something that hasn’t been done before and it works,” said co-founder Rob Nicolucci, who is also the owner and president of RN Design Ltd.

Salefish’s interactive site plan table reduces duplicate sales, streamlines the sales process and creates an engaging customer experience. Using touch screens and iPads, sales agents can search for availability based on house model type or lot size in new communities. It can also provide pricing, floor plans, premiums and other information while also generating sales documents.

Salefish’s web-based software is hosted in the cloud and allows developers and sales agencies to instantly send customers a link, which enables them to buy a new home or condo unit online from anywhere.

Salefish software reduces a 45-minute sales transaction to four minutes, and the sales representative doesn’t have to leave the customer’s side, according to Roy Hobbs, president of Crescendo Real Estate Solutions.

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