Powerful ActiveMatrix Enhances Selling Process for Royal Connaught Development

For developers of high rise condominiums, Salefish software is a dream. ActiveMatrix is a powerful, engaging sales tool specifically designed for condo developers to simplify the selling process and enhance the buyer experience. The Salefish mobile technology allows for live, instantaneous project details, real time project activity, and transactional data.

The Royal Connaught

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For Spallacci Homes, Salefish Software offered the opportunity to streamline sales at their Royal Connaught Sales Centre and offered buyers a new and exciting way to obtain live information on the unit they were looking to purchase.

"We have incorporated Salefish on multiple sites in both the low-rise and high-rise markets and in both scenarios have had great success and positive feedback from purchasers and staff." Giovanni Fiscaletti, Spallacci Homes




ActiveMatrix enables complete control in real-time, of all unit availability, pricing and project revenue. Automated matrix builds for different sales events ensure units are sold at the correct prices and that the matrix is automatically updated. Gone are the days of manual updates to spreadsheets and duplicate sales.

From a management perspective ActiveMatrix allows senior management to view and control revenue, sales and pricing in real-time at a grand opening event or on a day-to-day basis. Important information can be added or altered on the fly within the matrix. Robust reporting features allow the opportunity to track sales any time of day from any location on a handheld device.

“Our firm proudly stands by the decision of becoming one of the first builders to incorporate the software in our sales process and look forward to working with Salefish for years to come.” says Giovanni Fiscaletti, Spallacci Homes.

About Spallacci Homes

Spallacci Homes has garnered a sterling reputation and loyal following for designing and building beautiful custom homes, visionary adult lifestyle communities, and quality residential master-planned neighbourhoods. A Spallacci home is extra-ordinary with stylish designs, superior construction and a level of fit and finish that are immediately experienced.

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About Salefish

Salefish Software provides real-time transactional data solutions that provide open, convenient access to information for home buyers and sales professionals. Our industry leading technology enables pricing transparency and information portability for the home buyer. Linking transactional data to 3D interactive and ERP systems provides a seamless and efficient experience for home builders. Salefish Software provides leading technology solutions for builders, developers and their sales agencies. To watch a video on Salefish Condo Sales visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=-K-P5Ay2AHU.

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