Early origins of SaleFish — It was a classic, problem-solution start up

SaleFish Software was born more than 15 years ago in the conference room of RN Design, in Toronto, Canada. Rob Nicolocci started doing design work for residential real estate developers back in 1991, and over the years he kept hearing the same complaint from his clients.

Rob would deliver all the renderings and floorplans for a subdivision or apartment project, but the developers never had a way to organise those and sync them up with the available lots, restrictions, options, and other variables. Pre-siting was a mess.

Bear in mind that the residential real estate market at that time was very hot. Sales offices were jam-packed and sales managers had no way to keep track of anything. There were tonnes of paperwork and mass confusion – and deals were getting lost in the shuffle.

Both Rob and Rick Haws, current SaleFish CEO, had some experience with software development. They thought there might be an opportunity in that mayhem to devise some sort of programmable fix for that problem.

They started talking with the RN Design clients to learn about their frustrations with the sales process, with existing tools and with technology in general. It turned out to be a much bigger issue than they ever imagined.

Talk about opening a can of worms. The more they dug, the more problems they exposed that needed fixing.

Start-ups can be messy, especially when you’re trying to keep your day job, like Rob and Rick were. Their initial inclination was to solve everything all at once. But the problem was just too complex. The more they worked on it, the bigger it got.

But when it comes to design and technology, you have to keep things simple. They always refer back to that famous Einstein quote: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

So through a process of trial and error, they started weeding out the issues they couldn’t realistically address and honed- in on the required elements.

It had to be intuitive, easy to learn and easy to support. So elegance was very important.

SaleFish's active matrix system

  • It had to easily manageable from the back-end, so they developed an “Active Matrix” system that displayed the entire residential real estate project at a glance.
  • It had to provide comprehensive, real-time data, so salespeople wouldn’t duplicate their efforts or lose a sale.
  • It had to be user-friendly for prospective buyers.

In 2012 we released the first version of SaleFish Software with considerable success. Our beta testers were our clients at RN Design, and the feedback they provided was invaluable.

Then it was just, iterate, upgrade and listen. Iterate, upgrade and listen. We’re still doing that today.

The latest iteration of SaleFish real estate technology is  better than ever.

We’re taking all the inventory from our developer clients and we’re putting it online for people to browse, select and purchase. So if you’re a real estate investor looking for new construction that’s sure to have a great ROI, you’ve come to the right place.

Or if you’re dreaming of a new home for your family, and you want an alternative to other online real estate buying options, you’ve come to the right place.

So get In touch. Learn more about SaleFish and simply arrange for a demo today.

Email Tony Tadros at tonyt@salefishinc.com.au