FAQ – What's in a Name?

One of the questions we get asked most frequently is how we came up with the name SaleFish and what it means.

I wish I could say that there's some deep-rooted meaning, some grand historical significance, or that SaleFish is the long lost ancient god of real estate sales, but alas none of this is true. 

The name came about as a part of an elaborate rebranding exercise. SaleFish was one of the three best name options that were chosen to be printed and pasted onto foam core boards and ceremoniously revealed to Rob and I by our marketing agency. To be honest, I've never understood why three is the magic number of things that get presented, but it's a marketing thing. I'll have to ask our friends at COOLAID Studios. However, I suspect the answer is that too much choice is overwhelming, and less than three just isn’t enough choice.

Of course we had to know, so we asked, “What does it mean?” We waited with anticipation, our minds racing with the impending significance. The answer was dropped on us like a ton of bricks. “It has no meaning, we just liked it!”

So there it was… in a stroke of sheer marketing genius (or maybe they just ran out of time), we were left with something that was both nothing and everything – a blank slate. We were presented with the opportunity to create SaleFish out of nothing. When people ask, I still say it has no meaning, mostly because it’s fun to watch as they struggle with the concept. But in all seriousness, what have we created? And what does SaleFish mean to us? SaleFish is integrity, ingenuity, commitment, contribution and fun. These are our values. This is who we are. 

If you have questions about this blog or other things, please email me at rick@salefishsoftware.com.

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