New Release for our Home Builder's and Condo Developer's Software

Today we are announcing a significant software upgrade and new functionality for our Home Builders and Condominium Developers Sales Software.

sale fish screen

A new Help menu has been rolled out across the entire platform, replacing the previous PDF solution, which greatly improves the users experience and understanding of the many features of our software. Easily accessible from each page, the Help menu provides our clients with important usability information so they can get more out of the software.

We have also consolidated the Pricing Set-Up functionality under a new menu design to help streamline the set-up phase and overall ease-of-use. Further, the newly designed Worksheet for both the low-rise and high-rise solutions adds tremendous value to the sales agents by helping them aggregate all necessary ‘deal’ information in one centralized format, therefore providing them with a tool to deliver a streamlined, more satisfied experience to their customers.

Other recent improvements include a new Summary Report that graphically displays vital information for Marketing Effectiveness, Customer Demographics, Sales Data for model, elevation and lot availability.

Salefish is a unique, web-based sales solution that connects builders, developers and their sales agents alike, in real-time, to up-to-date project & sales information, pricing details, unit availability and much more, so they can sell more effectively.

Since 2010 we've been focused on revolutionizing a real-time sales solution for Home Builders that required an instantaneous Live-Siting Analysis mapped with the site plans Architectural Controls.

Our software operates on LED monitors with Touch Screens, and iPADs accessing vital information that no other POS sales software does.

View what's inside Salefish today.

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