Identity Selfies, Security and Online Broker Sales

SaleFish Software is once again proving that they’re the industry leaders and innovators when it comes to real estate transaction software.

Having created the market segment and being the first to incorporate ID scanning and selling online, SaleFish is once again leading the way with identity verification and by providing the highest level of cyber security available on the market today. In addition, they're launching a new broker application to further expand their software offering.

SaleFish Software is proud to introduce these new features to its software:

Identification Verification

SaleFish Online is integrating with a Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) approved verification software. Now it’s possible to comply with FINTRAC requirements by digital means.

In October of 2019, FINTRAC made provisions for software to be used for the purposes of verifying a person’s identity on behalf of the reporting entities (builders/developers/sales companies). After doing extensive research, SaleFish Software invested in a partnership with a software company that offers end-to-end AI-powered identity verification and authentication. With this new software embedded in SaleFish Online’s application, SaleFish can now validate the front, back and content of a person’s ID and then the person’s face, using facial recognition technology, through the process of taking a selfie. The powerful software can recognize multiple different types of IDs in Canada and also in Australia, Germany and Turkey, supporting SaleFish Software’s initiatives in its expanding markets.

Cyber Security

As a real estate technology firm operating globally, SaleFish Software recognizes that it handles valuable homeowner data daily and it is now able to safeguard the information. SaleFish Software was recently certified by Cyber Essentials Canada, making it the first and only real estate software platform in the world to have achieved this level of cyber security certification.

Cyber Essentials is the most comprehensive annual third-party cyber certification process for business in the world today. Cyber Essentials certification requirements and processes are the global gold standard for auditing any business that handles personal data, with a specific focus on securing all types of data that interact with firewalls, secure configurations, user access controls, patch management and malware protection.

Broker Link

SaleFish Online’s new Broker Link is a valuable new layer that has been added to the software. It will allow new home builders, developers and sales companies to assign suite

numbers or unit specs or lots to a specific broker, multiple brokers or all brokers. Brokers will be able to access SaleFish’s Broker Link for real time pricing and availability. Content will include floor plans, lots, elevations, suite plans and floor plates. The broker will be able to submit a worksheet based on what has been allocated to them. Successful/approved offers will be converted to sales and the sales will be completed using SaleFish’s secure, end-to-end sales platform, including digital signatures for purchasers, witnesses, signing officers and others as required. The entire digital workflow is now as smooth as ever with remote signing capability and digital FINTRAC compliance.

It’s All Possible with SaleFish Online

SaleFish Software has extensive experience with online real estate sales and is the trusted solution for new home builders, condo developers and real estate agents all over the world. SaleFish Online is a proven method of selling homes, and the world has never been more ready to make the transition to selling online.

Want to learn more? Contact us today to book your free demo. And make sure to follow SaleFish Software on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn for more news, updates and tips.

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