Opus Home says Salefish Software Unique and Indispensible

Opus Homes President Andrea DeGasperis-Ronco says that when she established her Vaughan-ON-based company seven years ago, she had two goals: to build homes that stood out from the competition, and to provide clients with a uniquely pleasant purchase experience.

She hired Rob Nicolucci of RN Design to accomplish her first commitment, and for the second, committed to installing Salefish, a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) real estate software. The result to date has been phenomenal success on both counts.

A longtime happy user of Salefish Software, she says, “Our first contact with clients is in our Presentation Boutiques, where our sales representatives are an extension of our Opus Homes team. We do everything in our power to make people feel great about purchasing a home, and Salefish is a big part of that experience. This real-time software provides a hand-held approach to home-buying in two ways.

“First, it’s simple for potential purchasers to use, and they can receive help from our sales representatives if they need it. Second, it empowers them to access up-to-the-second information regarding the homes and lots they are considering. We want people to feel educated and comfortable, and with Salefish, they do,” she added.

OPUS Homes Princicpal Andrea DeGasperis-Ronco and Roy Hobbs of Crescendo Real Estate Solutions consider Salefish software a unique and indispensable part of their residential sales process, as outlined to Salefish President Rick Haws (at left).

Ms. DeGasperis-Ronco is the first of a third-generation building company that has over 44 years of experience. Currently, Opus Homes is selling at Whitby Meadows (townhomes and detached homes, under construction this Fall): Richland in Richmond Hill (upscale townhomes, semis and detached under construction with move-ins at the end of this Summer): and Origin in Brampton (townhomes, semis and detached, construction slated for this Fall).

“Salefish is an invaluable tool in all our communities,” she says. “It’s fascinating that the program is quite intuitive. Potential buyers of all ages use the kiosk and figure it out with little guidance. They are amazed at the flexibility. For example, they can choose a lot first and find out which homes fit on it, or vice versa. They can experiment with different homes on various lots and their availability options. They can look up lot premiums, square footages, prices … just about anything needed to help make an informed purchasing decision.”

Ms. DeGasperis-Ronco says that once consumers have spent all the time they want browsing through choices, Salefish enables sales representatives and buyers to get to the signing of a printed Agreement of Purchase & Sale within three minutes. “This is faster than any form of traditional sales tool or system, and is a welcome time-saver, especially on opening days. It allows us to focus on the client interaction we want to have. We absolutely love the program. Nothing comes close to it in terms of functionality.”

She added that the Salefish team, led by President Rick Haws, “are great to work with. Someone is always at our opening and for training sessions with sales reps. If there are any issues, a team member is just a phone call away, regardless of the time of day or night."

Opus and other Salefish clients pay licensing, set-up and monthly fees to use the software, which Ms. DeGasperis-Ronco says it “well worth it. The program is affordable and flexible, and we can make it as detailed as we want. Our buyers check out home sitings, setbacks, sizes of backyards, the distance from the front porch to the front of the property, as examples. Salefish arms our sales team with far more information than other systems at the time of sale."

She says that “Roy Hobbs of our sales firm, Crescendo Real Estate Solutions, is on board with Salefish, and we respect and appreciate his confidence in how it helps us, and our purchasers.”

Visit www.salefishsoftware.com

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