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Question and Answer with Rick Haws

Not all prospective new-home buyers love every step of the process. For anyone who’s ever stood in line at a grand opening or waited patiently for their turn to select a unit, floorplan or lot, you know there’s a huge time commitment. Some of that may be changing, however, thanks to technology and software that […]

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38th BILD Awards Recognizes the Best of the Best!

On Friday May 4th, over 1,300 industry leaders in the Greater Toronto Area gathered for the 38th Annual BILD Awards presented by the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD). They recognized the astounding achievements of developers, new home builders, architects, designers as well as sales and marketing professionals across our region. Congratulations to our […]

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Salefish Software Takes the Hassle Out of New Home Buying

For all the excitement that comes with purchasing a new home, a visit to the sales centre can be stressful if buyers have to deal with lists, line-ups, and scheduling appointments. Tracy Hanes, The Epoch Time (Original article) January 6-20, 2018 However, a software solution created by two men who work in the architectural design […]

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Dynamic Revenue Matrices The Engine That Drives Salefish

Time is money, and organization saves time. This is how award-winning Salefish software is revolutionizing the new home and condo real estate market in North America. A cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) software, Salefish enables the quick, accurate sharing of information among builders, developers, salespeople and purchasers. Salefish’s proprietary ActiveMatrix console is the engine that drives this […]

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Homebuying Online

New Software Puts Home Shopping Experience Right in Buyers’ Hands Shopping online for clothing, shoes, jewellery and even a luxury vacation is, for most people, as simple as a click of the mouse. But buying a house? Could such a large, serious purchase be done via the internet? The creators of a point-of-sales (POS) software […]

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Salefish Software – All Accuracy, All the Time

In the increasingly complex new home real estate market in the GTA and Greater Golden Horseshoe, award-winning software SALEFISH SOFTWARE offers refreshing clarity through a variety of practices. One is providing an automated scan of customers’ ID at the point of sale toward 100 per cent accuracy on all forms. Manually inputting first name, last […]

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Changing the Buying Experience

The way you buy a home may never be the same now that Salefish Software has entered — and captured — the market with a smart new way for builders and developers to keep track of sales and inventory. In fact, Salefish received the Global Innovation Award from the National Association of Home Builders last […]

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From Concept to an NAHB Award in 8 years, Salesfish Software

The verb “innovate” means to make changes in something established, by introducing new methods, ideas or products. According to that definition, Rob Nicolucci and Rick Haws are innovators in the truest sense of the word, as co-founders of Salefish Software, a Concord, Ontario-based company that offers a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) software program, unique to the […]

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Real-time sales solution disrupting the real estate industry

While digital transformation has disrupted almost every sector, the real estate industry has been relatively slow to catch up – until now. A web-based sales solution for developers, and sales agents called Salefish has taken the real estate business by storm, with one in six low-rise homes in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Greater […]

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Salefish more than just real estate transaction software

Salefish Software received the Global Innovation Award from the National Association of Home Builders last year, when one in every six low-rise homes in the Greater Toronto Area and Greater Golden Horseshoe were sold using its software. Steve McLean, Property Biz Canada (Original article) December 12, 2017 And the company’s quest for what co-founder Rob […]

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Would you buy a new home — ‘site’ unseen?

A lot has been made of the disruptive effect of technologies — look at what is happening in retail and media industries. In comparison, the real estate and new home industries has a reputation for lagging behind, and is sometimes slow to embrace new ways of thinking. The Toronto Sun, Martin Slofstra Published on December […]

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DC Partners of Houston Partners With Salefish Software to Optimize Condo Sales Experience

DC Partners of Houston partners with Salefish Software to optimize condo sales experience The ARTS Condominiums at Riverwalk – San Antonio, Texas Salefish Software, developers of advanced real estate software for the home building industry, have partnered with DC Partners in Houston, Texas, a developer of luxury high-rise condominiums, to enhance the sales experience for […]

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