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GTA Builders Sell Homes Online Using Groundbreaking Technology Belle Aire Shores Project: 19 Homes Sold in 19 Minutes

Three of the Greater Toronto Area’s most reputable builders — Zancor Homes, Pristine Homes, and Fernbrook Homes, collaborated with Salefish Software to offer their customers the ability to purchase their new home online. 19 homes were sold in the first 19 minutes, and the majority of the release was sold out in one evening. Salefish […]

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Salefish wins the NAHB’s Global Innovation Award!

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has named Salefish the Global Innovation Award winner for 2016. This is a huge achievement for us this last year. Each year NAHB selects a winning company by looking for the best combination of design, functionality, innovation and usefulness to both builder and consumer. “Salefish offers a unique […]

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The New Home Buying – Easy. Convenient. Online.

Focus on Minto Communities – Queen’s Landing The day has arrived. You can now reserve a new home online in real-time. Last month, Minto Communities, esteemed builder of charming detached single and freehold townhome communities, used newly released software that allows home buyers to reserve a home online. The software was first implemented at their […]

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Powerful ActiveMatrix Enhances Selling Process for Royal Connaught Development

For developers of high rise condominiums, Salefish software is a dream. ActiveMatrix is a powerful, engaging sales tool specifically designed for condo developers to simplify the selling process and enhance the buyer experience. The Salefish mobile technology allows for live, instantaneous project details, real time project activity, and transactional data. The Royal Connaught For Spallacci […]

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Technology Integration Produces Outstanding Results

Focus on Lindvest - Aurora Glen Earlier this Fall, Lindvest unveiled innovative 3D interactive technology integrated with real-time data to provide an easier and more engaging experience for their home buyers. This was the most advanced use of 3D interactive technology ever used for new home sales. The marketing and sales innovation proved to be […]

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Quick and Effortless Home Buying: Focus on OPUS Homes

When OPUS Homes was looking to create a unique buying experience at their Aurora Trails Boutique location, Salefish delivered. “Our main priority was to offer a different client experience that needed to convey a ton of information as clearly as possible.” said Andrea DeGasperis-Ronco, OPUS Homes. For the first time ever, large wall mounted site […]

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6-Storey Wood Framed Buildings Come to Ontario!

It’s soon to be official. On January 1, 2015, wood frame buildings can now be built up to 6-storeys in Ontario, raising the limit from 4-storeys. According to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing “Safe and flexible building options that help make housing more affordable and support our forest industry is part of the government’s […]

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The Hot Debate: Are Timber Towers Really Safe?

The innovations to create taller wood buildings are in place. But is our collective mindset there? While people are comfortable living in two or three story wood houses, are they prepared to call 6-storey plus timber towers home? And what about industry experts? What are their opinions about constructing taller wooden structures? The Cement Association […]

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Active Siting simplifies the entire process for builders, realtors and buyers.

One of the key features included in Salefish Low-Rise Sales Software is it's ability to select the right model and architectural style and then place it directly on a site plan during the buying process. The entire process occurs in real time and is completely automatic. This live process is what we refer to as […]

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Innovations In Wood: Is The Ideal Building Material Made By Mother Nature?

The Coast Redwoods in California can live more than 2,000 years. Their trunks can grow up to 24 feet wide. And some reach higher than a 30-floor skyscraper. It is these miracles of Mother Nature that have people asking … why are wooden buildings limited to four storeys?

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New Release for our Home Builder's and Condo Developer's Software

Today we are announcing a significant software upgrade and new functionality for our Home Builders and Condominium Developers Sales Software. A new Help menu has been rolled out across the entire platform, replacing the previous PDF solution, which greatly improves the users experience and understanding of the many features of our software. Easily accessible from […]

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Sell more efficiently. Sell more effectively. Simply sell more with ActiveMatrix from Salefish Software.

ActiveMatrix from Salefish is a dynamic software solution with multiple features that gives you complete control over your building’s revenue. The user-friendly software, which runs on iPADs, allows you to manage, simplify and accelerate every aspect of the sales process. And that’s just the beginning. Agents create a better buying experience for the customer with […]

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