Quick and Effortless Home Buying: Focus on OPUS Homes

When OPUS Homes was looking to create a unique buying experience at their Aurora Trails Boutique location, Salefish delivered.

opus homes salesroom

“Our main priority was to offer a different client experience that needed to convey a ton of information as clearly as possible.” said Andrea DeGasperis-Ronco, OPUS Homes.

For the first time ever, large wall mounted site plans were installed for easy visibility by anyone in the Boutique. This was the innovative vision of the OPUS sales and marketing team led by Roy Hobbs and Sarah Allworth. This proved to be an excellent tool for drawing in customers and keeping them engaged for long periods of time.

“From a sales processing perspective, Salefish delivered a fast, efficient way for sales agents to input and close purchase transactions. All required APS documentation was generated instantly in an easy to use format. The entire process, from the time the customer said "yes", was 3 minutes. I couldn't ask for anything more!” said Roy Hobbs who led the sales process.

Buyers were also able to easily navigate Salefish with minimal assistance understanding naturally how to access site plans and home plan views.

“Salefish made it easy to execute flawlessly, provided an intuitive interface for both clients and sales professionals, and the ability to make changes on the fly.” said Sarah Allworth who executed the marketing vision.

Real-time site plan status was also made available on the OPUS web site for buyers before and after their visit to the Boutique. This provided complete transparency throughout the buying process.

“We were extremely pleased with the results.” said Andrea DeGasperis-Ronco of OPUS homes ‘We created a distinctive client experience that meshed perfectly with our Living Refined Promise. The Salefish program made the selling process a positive experience for everyone.”

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