SaleFish 2 Launches as One of the World’s Most Powerful Real Estate Sales Solutions

Building on SaleFish Software’s proven success with more than 1.5 million users completing 200,000+ transactions valued at over $100 billion USD in the last 15 years, the industry leader has released SaleFish 2, its latest innovation as a culmination of upgrades to streamline the real estate buying process like never before. The new release will feature the most up-to-date web standards and introduces a new, fluid design system named “Sail.” Simultaneously, SaleFish 2 will maintain competitive differentiators such as seamless integrations, smooth processes that make sales 75% more efficient, and the highest standards for cybersecurity, making this one of the world’s most powerful cloud-based real estate sales solutions .

SaleFish 2’s interface will offer a sleek, modern feel with an intuitive and familiar user experience. The software can also easily integrate into third-party solutions and will further streamline sales with a new modular buying functionality. At the base level, this is a simple window that will appear when a buyer is ready to purchase. This visually complies with the rest of the platform’s set-up to confidently take the user through their transaction. 

The new plug-and-play “Submit Worksheet” modular workflow also takes existing broker portals and websites to the next level. Sellers can easily accept worksheets and harness the power to sort through them and allocate units from the SaleFish admin portal. 
Come transaction time, the security of SaleFish Software remains unmatched. SaleFish 2 improves on digital document e-signatures, ID scanning and identity verification (FINTRAC compliant). Not only can SaleFish 2 auto-populate documents by scanning driver’s licenses and securing that data, but it can also innately verify that it’s scanning a live person (rather than a bot) and compare the person’s face with the ID provided. This has become an
imperative feature as remote buying is becoming more commonplace. 

“SaleFish 2 optimizes the user experience for safe and seamless transactions with a clean, intuitive interface,” explains Rick Haws, Co-Founder and President of SaleFish Software. “Buying or selling a pre-construction home is completely frictionless with our latest innovation. This remains true from the beginning of any transaction with a simple entryway to the portal until the final signature where users can adopt a signature immediately generated based on various font options.”

SaleFish 2 will also continue to integrate with any developer or sales teams’ ERP, 3D rendering & marketing partner, accounting platform, CRM, and even their own website, ensuring a smooth process on both the front and back-end. The new software will be available in North America and across international markets, including those that SaleFish recently expanded to such as Australia, Europe, and the Middle East.

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