SaleFish Commences Sales for its Third Australian Project

Imperial Square - Located in Australia's Gold Coast

SaleFish technology allows real estate transactions to be processed anywhere, any time. SaleFish Australia, is partnering with one of the leading property developers in Australia, Azzura Investment. We are enabling them to manage the sales of the new mega project, Imperial Square, located in the heart of the Gold Coast. Imperial Square will be the city’s tallest building in the southern hemisphere and is set to revolutionize Southport CBD.

Built over three stages, Imperial Square will be a mixed-use residential and commercial space, consisting of three complexes with the tallest building in the southern hemisphere at a staggering 108-floors. The first building "The Regal Tower" with 18 storeys in a five-star Radisson hotel, is almost sold out. This project will be a grand precinct that will forever transform and elevate the bustling suburb of Southport. 

“We are leading the Australian marketplace to the next level, especially in capturing the remunerative tourism market, with this innovative new project,” says Roberto Badalotti, CEO of Azzura Investment. “We are immensely thankful to have SaleFish’s support with sales through their incredibly simplified, seamless, and efficient platform.”

One of the most important lessons over the last year and a half is that sales centres and face-to-face selling cannot be the only way to reach potential buyers. The real estate industry, like many others, recognized the importance of digital tools like SaleFish, and these tools will continue to be vital in reaching remote buyers and facilitating global sales. With the Imperial Square project attracting buyers from all over the world, this partnership is a true testament to SaleFish’s capabilities abroad.

In the process of making this partnership happen, SaleFish took a deliberate step to partner with Dentons, the largest real estate law firm in the world. This partnership has allowed us to complete due diligence and validate international transaction capabilities, ensuring we continue to meet or exceed all regional and global, privacy and security requirements. Furthermore, security experts in Australia have recognized SaleFish’s advanced security features as far ahead of other companies in the local market. 

As part of sales for Imperial Square, SaleFish has also partnered with a local 3D visual integration company. HomeLander allows potential buyers to digitally cruise around the project, giving purchasers a picture-perfect visualization experience using 3D interactivity, on desktop & all smart devices, for a unique VR experience. Directly connected with the SaleFish platform to transact, this provides a one-of-a-kind solution for off the plan sales, improving time to sale by 75%. In today’s industry, all assets can be shared via digital means in 1:1 appointments, remote from anywhere in the world. This is just one example of how SaleFish’s integrations make the entire sales management process a complete and easy journey. 

Imperial Square is the third developer engagement for SaleFish in the Australian market. This marks a stepping-stone for the company as it continues to scale-up in international markets around the world.

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