Salefish Helps PACE Developments Set the Pace

With over 30 years’ experience in new home and condominium development and construction across Ontario, PACE Developments has an excellent track record and reputation in the new home marketplace. Rather than resting on its laurels, management is always on the lookout for ways to improve their efficiency and customer service.

Pace Developments

PACE Developments Inc. CEO Pamela Ventresca and VP Construction Peter Sciavilla review a Salefish Software-produced report. Photo: Evan Eisenstadt

Enter Salefish, a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) real estate software program created by Rob Nicolucci and Rick Haws of RN Design.

“We have a longstanding and positive history with RN Design for most of our communities,” says Pamela Ventresca, COO of PACE Developments and P2 Realty (the firm’s listing company). “As soon as they demonstrated the software and reviewed testimonials from other builders, we implemented it at our Urban North Townhomes community in Barrie. With 900 homes to deal with, streamlining the purchase experience certainly benefitted our salespeople and buyers.”

To say that Salefish (www.salefishsoftware.com) was a hit on that first project is an understatement; on the Grand Opening weekend in September, our sales reps processed between 400-500 visitors and sold over 100 homes. In one day, we completed 40 deals in two hours,” Ms. Ventresca says. “That’s unheard of. And we did it without administrators in the back doing paperwork by hand. Our sales reps do it all electronically, from start to finish. They get a driver’s license, put the home on hold and print out the deal. It eliminates human error. This software cuts the time from what is typically a 45-minute process to about five minutes. It’s flawless … and quite amazing.”

She said, “That because it is a web-based system, clients and sales reps can access up-to-date information from anywhere. We can grow our sales team exponentially because of this. We can write deals at our head office in Richmond Hill with clients who don’t want to travel to Barrie. The system works on a cell phone or iPad, which connects with the site table. It’s all real time, which is the ultimate in efficiency. One evening, I completed a deal from my cell phone at 9 p.m. From that standpoint, it is invaluable.”

The PACE Developments team is so pleased with what the software does, that they intend to use it on upcoming projects: Julien Court in Maple, and Hazel and The Archways, both in Mississauga. “We’ll use it across the board from now on,” Ms. Ventresca added.

The digital site plan table with integrated touch screens in the sales office is dynamic, digital and colour coded, rather than a stagnant display with red dots indicating what has sold. “Buyers are shocked at how quickly they can purchase a house,” Ms. Ventresca says. “My signature and initials are already in the system, so once I receive notification that the conditional period is over, I can simply click firm.”

Signature on Tablet

Salefish is also a natural fit for PACE Developments, which developed a homeowner portal on its website where clients can log in with a password and access their legal documents and files from anywhere. Originally the paperwork was done manually, but now that Salefish has them in pdf format, there’s no scanning or photocopying. Salefish sends them to the assistant, who puts the documents in the homeowner portal, and they’re out the door.”

To use this software, clients pay licensing, set-up and monthly fees. According to Ms. Ventresca, “The set-up process is reasonably priced. We had all of our templates, amendments and purchase agreements given to us by our legal team, then went back and forth with Salefish to implement them. This is all in the system, so our sales reps don’t have to scramble to find anything. Several reps can work simultaneously, as homes can be put on hold until the deal is complete. No one sells a lot twice or accidentally quotes the incorrect price.”

If you're interested in learning how Salefish Software can work for your organization, contact me today. Cindy Lloyd clloyd@salefishsoftware.com or call 1-905-761-5364.

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