SaleFish Is the First Real Estate Platform in the World to Be Certified by Cyber Essentials Canada

Toronto, Ontario — SaleFish Software was recently certified by Cyber Essentials Canada, making it the first and only real estate platform in the world to be fully certified to this standard.

The rise of cybercrime has resulted in security breaches that cost organizations millions each year and put the security of organizations’ data at risk. Cybersecurity is of greater importance than ever before. As a real estate technology firm operating globally, SaleFish Software handles valuable homeowner data daily and is now able to safeguard its security.

Every builder, developer, and real estate tech firm should ask themselves: Is your homeowner data secure? The only company that can yes is SaleFish Software.

SaleFish Software will now enable any buyer and any seller to use the most secure digital platform to find and transact a new home sale anywhere in the world. SaleFish is the global leader in digital new home and condo sales, with a proven platform that has completed more than 150,000 transactions valued at over $55 billion in the last decade.

The certification comes from Cyber Essentials, the most comprehensive annual third-party cyber certification process for business in the world today. The Cyber Essentials standard started as a government-backed cybersecurity process that was developed and implemented by the UK Government in 2014. Cyber Essentials certification requirements and processes are the global gold standard for auditing any business that handles personal data, with a specific focus on securing all types of data that interact with firewalls, secure configurations, user access controls, patch management, and malware protection.

Cyber Essentials has since been adopted in Canada as a national standard by CyberNB, the only government-mandated agency in Canada to focus on growing its cybersecurity ecosystem.

“Seeing SaleFish take their award-winning real estate platform to the next level and enabling it globally to meet the highest global standard of data security is exactly the outcome we’re striving for each and every day at CyberNB,” said Tyson Johnson, Chief Operating Officer of CyberNB. “To the best of my knowledge, SaleFish is the first real estate platform in the world to have been fully certified to the Cyber Essentials standard.”

The benefits of this certification start with the highest levels of protection for SaleFish’s customers: the builders, developers, and sales companies who entrust SaleFish to manage their inventories and their digital customer experience. It also opens the doors to new markets that could not be accessed without this important check in the box.

“Becoming cyber security certified is a great achievement,” said Rick Haws, President of SaleFish. “Over the last year and a half we have made it our priority to understand the risks associated with data security breaches. At SaleFish, we have addressed these risks through a combination of technology, training, procedures and policies. We can now say that we have the required knowledge and safeguards in place to protect our clients’ data. There are a lot of organizations that are using software and applications that are not secure and they’re putting their companies, their customers and their reputations at risk. Cyber security is overlooked, misunderstood and undervalued in our industry, but we are committed to leading the change.”


SALEFISH SOFTWARE is a world-class team of programmers, researchers, UX designers, consumer behaviour experts, and international real estate industry veterans. Its mission is to revolutionize the way builders, developers and sales companies transact business. The company was started in 2004 by two Canadian entrepreneurs with backgrounds in architecture and design. They understand the complexities of the development business, the ever-changing challenges, and the need for efficiency at every turn. Their insight and the expertise of the entire team are leading the way in the proptech sector.

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