SaleFish software opens for business in Australia

Toronto, Ontario — SaleFish Software is excited to announce that it has opened for business in Australia. After over 15 years of serving clients and buyers all over the world in the global real estate market, SaleFish has opened offices in Australia to bring its innovative real estate software solutions directly to the Southern Hemisphere.

SaleFish’s suite of software solutions and apps for residential real estate developers, builders and sales teams enables buyers and sellers to use the most secure digital platform on the planet to find and purchase a new home – anywhere in the world. SaleFish is the global leader in digital new home and apartment sales, with a proven platform that has completed more than 150,000 transactions valued at over a massive $55 billion in the last 15 years.

The company's transactional real estate software simplifies sales processes and increases efficiency. Digital documents with digital signatures, ID scanning and identity verification make it possible to execute sales agreements in record time – with complete confidence.

But best of all, SaleFish also makes it possible to transact real estate online. With SaleFish Online, real estate is truly a global marketplace. The company works with its partners to exceed what people have come to expect when buying a home in person or transacting a home online.

There has never been a better time to transition existing new home or apartment sales centres and traditional marketing and sales approaches into online-only, one-stop digital shops. SaleFish Online incorporates digital brochures, renderings, community and building amenities, floor plans and even fully-rendered virtual model homes, allowing potential buyers to see and experience what’s being offered at their convenience and from the comfort of their own home.

Thanks to a new partnership with Australian real estate veteran, Tony Tadros, Managing Director for SaleFish Australia, SaleFish is now able to provide world-class levels of confidence and convenience to local buyers, builders, developers, and sales teams.

“SaleFish is ideal for the Australian real estate market, so the fit is perfect,” said Rick Haws, President of SaleFish. “This is what Australia needs today, and for the future of the industry. We’re excited to be delivering it.”

SaleFish has already started operating in Melbourne, Australia and the company plans to soon expand to Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

SALEFISH INC. is a world-class team of computer programmers, researchers, UX designers, consumer behaviour experts and veterans of the international real estate industry.

We’re working together to revolutionise the way residential real estate developers and builders transact business. We’ve built a completely new front end, but the back end is still the same.

The company was set up in 2004 by Rick Haws and Rob Nicolucci, both entrepreneurs with backgrounds in architecture and design. They understood the complexities of the development business, its ever-changing challenges, and the need for efficiency at every turn. Their insight – and the expertise of the entire team – is leading a sea change in the property technology sector.