Salefish - The Real Time Software Solution that Really Works

With a new home real estate market that is bustling with activity, purchasing a home in the Greater Toronto Area and Greater Golden Horseshoe is accomplished amid a background of complexity.

Keeping track of what has sold and what stages the various sales are at is a challenge for builders and developers. The variables such as which homes can go on what lots combine with architectural requirements and availability to create a scenario in which costly mistakes can occur. Enter Salefish, the award-winning software that provides real-time inventory, pricing and reports to streamline the process.

Real time translates to accuracy and transparency that allow buyers to make decisions based on accurate, up-to-the-minute information. Sales representatives have less of a chance of making mistakes, as the software updates and notifies the entire sales team immediately when action is taken. Builders, developers, salespeople and buyers have open access to the information and transactional data. The result: improved productivity and day-to-day work flow, as well as happier home buyers who experience an engaging customer experience.

In addition, real-time pricing includes models and premiums, so sales representatives and purchasers know where they stand throughout. An example is real-time siting, which shows which houses go onto which lots, taking into consideration architectural controls according to repetition, massing, materials and colours. Before Salefish, as soon as a home was sold, traditional siting analysis was out of date. This led to Live Siting Analysis and the origins of Salefish.

Salefish Home eliminates confusion regarding model availability, siting and grading, architectural controls, features, upgrades and pricing. Salefish Condo delivers critical up-to-date information regarding unit status, floor availability, pricing, orientation and much more. Interactive site plan tables (ISPT) at the sales centres decentralizes the process, thus streamlining it.

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