Salefish Website A Portal To Enhanced Success

The same level of thought, care and logic went into designing Salefish’s website as its creation. This unique cloud-based point of sale real estate software is based on the streamlining of thousands of details that make up the planning, marketing and selling of homes and condominiums. The goal is to make everything easier for builders, developers, sales representatives, potential purchasers and buyers. Following that logic, the websitewww.SalefishSoftware.com is simple to navigate, yet contains a wealth of information.

From the home page overview to explanations of the software’s real-time, synced information; dynamic revenue management; automated purchaser data and more, whatever clients need is just an easy-to-find click away. The page on “What does Salefish include” is an at-a-glance summary of the features and benefits for home builders, condo developers and stacked towns & multiples. You can even watch Salefish in action via two online videos and arrange for a demo with a click of a button.

Right up front on the main page, there is a reminder that Salefish was a Global Innovation Award winner in 2016. Take some time to explore the website, and you will understand why. That’s www.SalefishSoftware.com

Contact Cindy to learn more: 416-729-0773 or email clloyd@salefishsoftware.com

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