SaleFish’s Real Estate Digital Sales Platform Goes Global with Australia Launch

SaleFish Software is excited to announce that it has opened for business in Australia. After over 15 years of serving clients and buyers all over the world in the global real estate market, SaleFish has opened offices in Australia to bring its innovative real estate software solutions to the Southern Hemisphere.

Thanks to a new partnership with Australian real estate veteran Tony Tadros, Managing Director for SaleFish Australia, SaleFish is now able to provide world-class levels of confidence and convenience to local buyers, builders, developers, and sales teams. SaleFish’s establishment in Australia starts in Melbourne, and the company plans to soon expand to Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and South Australia.

A perfect fit for the Australia market

“We connected with Tony over a year ago and it was obvious right away that he had the same passion as we did for revolutionizing the real estate industry,” said Rick Haws, President of SaleFish. “The way the industry works in Australia is quite different, but the fundamental needs are the same. Real time pricing and availability, the ability to transact an E2E sale of a lot and home, accuracy and security are as valuable in Australia as they are here. We’re excited to bring our real estate digital sales platform to the Australian market and we have a great partner to do it with.”

The Australia real estate industry is embracing digital selling tools, which present significant benefits for all (both buyers and sellers). As Rick noted, the residential real estate industry in Australia is significantly different than in Canada. In Australia, developers have lots to sell and builders have homes to sell. It's the purchaser who sources out and assembles the two transactions. SaleFish will be able to bring lot and model availability together to the significant benefit of all parties involved, and to transact both parts of the process simultaneously. 

Digital selling is the way of the future. Australia acknowledges this and is on board. Melbourne in particular is a well-connected and tech-savvy city (did you know that the city has free public Wi-Fi available outdoors?).

The Australia real estate market is strong and resilient, which is another reason that it’s a great place for SaleFish to set up shop. There’s currently strong buyer demand and an increase in new listings. What’s more, there are currently new government grants that support homeowners to make new home purchases.

SaleFish’s headquarters are in Melbourne, which is the largest city in the state of Victoria and the second largest city in all of Australia. Melbourne has a population of 5 million people and has the highest number of real estate sales in the country. It’s also ranked as one of the fastest-growing cities and is also widely regarded as one of the most liveable cities in the world. Because of this growth, there’s a need for 2 million dwellings in New South Wales and Victoria alone over the next 20 years, which means that landowners and builders will need a far more efficient and advanced platform to conduct their real estate transactions. In short, Melbourne is the perfect place for SaleFish to begin its operations in Australia.

Stay tuned to hear more about SaleFish’s exciting debut in Australia, and make sure to follow SaleFish Software on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn for more news and updates.

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