Streamline the Worksheet Process with Broker Link

With the real estate market remaining hot, new construction developers and sales organizations need tools to help stay organized and monetize sales now more than ever. SaleFish Software is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of our newest feature, Broker Link. This worksheet system is designed to make the selling process as fair as possible without the need for agents and home buyers to line up, and to relieve your sales administration team of having to manually juggle hundreds or even thousands of worksheet submissions and multiple spreadsheets per project. Broker Link is simple, streamlined and accurate.    

Read on to learn all about this brand new feature and how it can help you to streamline the broker worksheet process.

Who It’s For

Broker Link is the perfect tool for any new home builder, condo developer or sales company who works with brokers. Is this you? You’re in luck!

The Nuts and Bolts

Broker Link is an innovative new tool developed by SaleFish Software. A “lite” version is now included for free with all SaleFish Software packages. Broker Link is a streamlined worksheet application that supplements traditional broker packages and allows builders and developers to quickly and easily allocate broker assignments, track broker logins, and facilitate worksheet submissions and approval.

The application provides effortless and accessible reporting, allowing builders, developers and sales companies to quickly and easily track which home designs or units are the most popular, how many homes or units are still available, the status of worksheets, and much more. With Broker Link, all the info you need is now just a click away – and it’s all completely virtual and seamless.

Why You Need Broker Link

Broker Link helps to simplify the process of selling real estate. It lets builders and developers streamline their relationships with brokers, keeping agents happy with easy-to-access information and allocations. Builders and developers also benefit from a smoother process and helpful analytics. Working with brokers has never been easier, and brokers and builders/developers alike will love this new tool.

If you’re a SaleFish Software customer, you can now get Broker Link “lite” included at no cost. We also offer a more advanced paid version of the application with additional features.

If you’d like to see how this tool can work for you, contact us today for more info.

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