The First Blog: Take 3… ACTION!

I've considered writing a blog in the past. I even started a couple of times but never continued. I didn't feel I had anything interesting to say, so it was forced, inauthentic, painful to write, and most surely painful to read.

Recently, though, I've come to appreciate where I am and how I got here. I’m formally trained in architecture. It's amazing to me how similar the design of software is to buildings when it comes to attention to detail, form and function. It’s an art as much as it's a technical skill. I've also come to take pride in the fact that we’re creating something very special, something that’s one-of-a-kind. This chapter of my life has allowed me to meet and work with many exceptional people and it's a privilege to do so. 

My inaugural blog would be missing something significant if I didn't mention my friend, business partner and SaleFish co-founder Rob Nicolucci. We’ve worked together for many years and we're proof that yin and yang is a thing. Working together has been and continues to be a great time!

To get to know SaleFish will be to get to know Rob and me, our staff, our clients and the challenges that we face. For people who know me, they'll be shocked to learn that this blog won’t be at all planned out or pre-canned. 

There will likely be TV and movie references (like the title), it won’t be about the state of the industry at large (I think there’s enough of that), the blogs will be short (sometimes), they won’t be vanilla, they may be polite and apologetic from time to time (because we’re Canadian after all) and they’ll be raw and unedited. I think they’ll be insightful, and I hope they'll get easier to write (one down). 

This blog will be dedicated to the life and times of the people and things that have touched SaleFish. Please stay tuned and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn to get the latest blog notifications.

If you have questions about this blog or anything else, please email me at rick@SaleFishSoftware.com.

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