Well ahead of March 2020, we at SaleFish have proudly offered innovative digital workflow solutions for brokers and agents to simplify the selling process. When a state of emergency was first ordered last year, many businesses immediately were forced to re-evaluate how they would manage operations to support safe physical distancing. For real estate professionals, that meant presentation centres would not be enough to effectively sell units for pre-construction residential projects. For many, they turned to SaleFish as a partner that could provide the necessary technology to ignite creative selling. What came with that was a stark realization of just how powerful digital workflow could be.

Now over one year later, remote selling has become commonplace. Brokers and agents are setting up one-on-one virtual appointments to take potential buyers through their options with necessary digital paperwork accessible with the click of a button, and are processing transactions in under five minutes. While maintaining that touch of personalization that comes with in-person meetings, the agent is processing sale after sale with our technology carrying them with the current. Notably, this saves builders hundreds of thousands of dollars on costs for sales centres and couriers, not to mention the excessive wasteful paper that can easily exist solely online. They also cut down on travel time for purchasers and signing authorities, and often reduce extra administrative labour. Further to these savings, agents are closing deals in record time because they can start the 10-day cooling-off period immediately for condominiums with digital documents, converting sales one to two weeks faster!

Crescendo Real Estate Solutions Inc., based in Vaughan, Ontario,  is a boutique brokerage setting an example for adopting digital workflow. As a consultant for builders across the province, they immediately set up shop virtually using SaleFish when the pandemic started, and have been processing sales online for various residential projects ever since. Leveraging Zoom and screen share functions to show digital documents, they’ve established new processes that put prospective buyers at ease while turning over sales at unheard-of speeds. In one day, they were able to book 95 virtual appointments and sell 30 homes. They also estimate that about 95% of buyers today are very comfortable using Zoom or other video services before signing digital documents. Keep in mind, the buyer can practically be anywhere, so Crescendo is seeing traffic from purchasers across the country. 

This is just the beginning. Sales centres will always have a place within the real estate industry, but not the only place, and as we’ve established, there are exceptionally profitable alternatives through digital workflow. This is where builders and agents of tomorrow will be turning and SaleFish will always be there with a helping hand.

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Fred Nicolucci

Manager, Project Implementation, SaleFish

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