Top 5 Takeaways from Rick’s Session at the Buzz Conference

SaleFish recently had the pleasure of participating in The Buzz Conference, a two-day virtual real estate and proptech experience in September 2020. The conference had over 950 attendees and an impressive calibre of speakers, including Sean Morrison (President of OREA), Phil Soper (CEO and President of Royal LePage Canada and Bridgemarq), Natasha Koifman (President of our partner NKPR), Amy Youngren (Founder of North Group Real Estate), Adam Stern (President of PSR Realty Resale Division), Christopher Wein (COO of Lanterra Developments), Brad Lamb (Founder and CEO of Brad J. Lamb Realty and Lamb Development Corp.), Lee Piccoli (CEO and Founder of Fusion Homes), Justin Havre (#1 Team RE/MAX Canada and #5 Team RE/MAX World), Warren Pentz and Lisa Reis (Lead Developer and Director of Marketing and New Business Development from our integration partner NEEZO Studios), and many more – including our very own SaleFish President and Co-Founder Rick Haws.

Rick joined the conversation to weigh in from a digital real estate sales perspective. When you look at how COVID-19 has impacted the buying process and virtual selling has become more prominent, this technology is paving the way.

In case you missed it, here are our top 5 key takeaways from Rick’s talk, “A Builder's Guide to Simplified Online Residential Sales.”

Key Takeaway #1: Transacting real estate sales online isn’t a new thing for us

SaleFish has been selling real estate for 15 years, and selling online for 5 years. Many in the industry talk about selling online like it’s a brand new thing, but we’ve been at it for half a decade.

Key Takeaway #2: SaleFish simplifies online residential sales

At SaleFish, everything we do is about making things easier for our builder, developer, and real estate sales professional clients. We make the real estate transaction process smooth and simple. Essentially, what we’re all about is removing the layers within the real estate transaction – trying to automate every single piece of the process. More on this below!

Key Takeaway #3: There’s no universal definition of “online selling”

Online selling means different things to different people. There’s no agreed-upon definition, and some software, marketing and sales companies are being very liberal with their definitions – so beware.

SaleFish defines online transactions as an end-to-end solution. We offer end-to-end transactions, starting with real-time data on inventory and pricing, gathering and securing customers’ data, validating IDs and identities, and dynamically generating complex paperwork and facilitating a digital workflow. The entire process is within a closed system (environment), fully online and simplified.

Key Takeaway #4: Cyber security is SO important

Cyber security is misunderstood and undervalued in our industry. Security is not only about data encryption but also about a company’s policies and procedures around data – all of which are so important when it comes to online real estate transactions. What’s particularly unique about SaleFish is that we're the only real estate company with a cyber security certificate from the Government of Canada.

Key Takeaway #5: There’s no substitute for time and experience

SaleFish has been conducting online real estate transactions for 5 years, and has been in business for over 15 years. What keeps us ahead of the curve are our years of experience, which have allowed us to continually finesse and improve our software, service and overall offerings.

Selling real estate online is more relevant than ever in the current real estate climate. In the past six months of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen more and more companies adopt online selling. As Rick noted in his talk, being able to sell virtually is a tool in your tool belt that you’ll want to be equipped with if you’re a builder, developer or real estate sales professional

Want to hear Rick’s full talk? Check out a recording of day 1 of the Buzz Conference here (Rick’s talk starts at 5:44:41).

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