VANDYK and Salefish Software - A Natural Fit


MISSISSAUGA, ON - When VANDYK Group of Companies was preparing to launch Backyard Neighbourhood Condos in South Etobicoke in 2016, management searched for a software solution that would streamline their sales and documentation process.

After intensive research they implemented Salefish, a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) real estate software created by Rob Nicolucci and Rick Haws of RN Design in Vaughan, ON.

Salefish Vandyk

VANDYK Creative Director Andrea Wong and Director of Sales Joseph Matysiak review Salefish Software applications at The Backyard condos presentation centre in Etobicoke, ON. (PHOTO: Evan Eisenstadt)

“It worked really well,” says Joseph Matysiak, VANDYK’s Director of Sales. “Their software expedited everything. We were able to use a clean interface, place buyers’ information into it, then integrate that into our resource management system. Salefish enabled us to issue paperwork from Agreements of Purchase and Sale through to construction.”

“We first introduced Salefish at The Humberside, the first building at Backyard Neighbourhood Condos,” says Andrea Wong, VANDYK’s Creative Director. “Because it worked, we implemented it at The Queensview, our second residential building. Now, we are using this software at all our communities, including UPtowns in Brampton, and we expect to do so at several of our launches on the horizon.”

According to Matysiak, “We work in a fast-pace environment during the launches of high-density new condominiums. This software allows us to scan a purchaser’s photo ID, document the information and keep an up-to-date inventory list. It saves us legwork by making everything immediately available in a clean, organized way. The grid is well-laid-out, and it’s very easy to make modifications. Salefish has more streamlining capabilities than we have found with any other software program. We use CRM software to generate our Agreements of Purchase and Sale. Salefish integrates with that, so everyone from receptionists to new employees, administration and sales people can collaborate and make changes.”

“The key is real time,” Ms. Wong adds. “This is especially important when we’re launching a new development or hosting sales events. Sales representatives are able to hold units on the Salefish iPad app, which is then seamlessly reflected on our marketing touchscreens at all of our sales offices.”

Potential purchasers can also use this software to explore what is available. It is easy, and if they need help, they can ask VANDYK sales representatives. “This helps us stay ahead of the competition,” Matysiak says. “It’s a hands-on, tailor-made experience for our team and purchasers. Floorplans, pricing, renderings, schematics … it really is customized to our needs.”

Both Wong and Matysiak are pleased with the support provided by Salefish. “On our launch-day events, their representative joins our team on site to ensure that everything is running smoothly with the system and any glitches are addressed on the spot,” Ms. Wong adds. “That’s the kind of attentive service that we have come to expect with Salefish.”

In fact, people of all demographics find the program intuitive and are happy to have so much up-to-the-minute information at their fingertips. Sales representatives say that once purchasers have browsed their choices and made a decision, they can have a printed or digital Agreement of Purchase and Sale within a few minutes.

“This level of flexibility, customization and service provide us with a competitive advantage in the marketplace,” reiterates Matysiak.

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