What is Multi Factor Authentication and Why Do I Need It?

What the MFA!?

Passwords are an essential part of staying cyber secure. But they’re not infallible.  Cyber criminals can use various methods to guess, steal, and compromise your passwords.  But Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) can help. You can use Multi-Factor Authentication to make it more difficult for cyber criminals to access your devices and accounts. Nowadays, most companies like financial institutions, Google, and the government offer multi‑factor authentication features on their products. SaleFish does as well.

Multi-Factor Authentication means that you need more than one authentication factor to log in to a device or an account. For example, to unlock your phone, you need to enter a passcode and scan your fingerprint. SaleFish offers verification code to be sent by text or email so that you can add a layer of security to your devices and online accounts. With this feature enabled, you need to provide multiple pieces of authenticating information to access a device or an account. If cyber criminals gain access to one piece of information (e.g. your password), they still need to provide additional pieces of information to successfully gain access to your accounts.

Multi-Factor Authentication is a way for SaleFish to say, “OK, you have one piece of information that identifies you as the account owner. But can you provide two pieces of information? Three? Four?”  Multi-Factor Authentication is an important cyber security measure because it provides an added layer of security for devices, accounts, and information.

 How Multi-Factor Authentication Works:

The most common form of Multi-Factor Authentication is pairing your login credentials, meaning your username and password, with another authentication factor. In many cases, this is 2-step verification – something like a text message sent to your phone or an email sent to your inbox with a unique verification code which is better than a password alone. Access your documents, sign them remotely, run reports and manage sales with full confidence knowing your data is in a secure environment using SaleFish’s Multi-Factor Authentication system.

Multi-Factor Authentication is a key component of keeping yourself cyber secure. So don’t wait! Use multi-factor authentication on all of your projects today. Click here to see a short video from Cyber Safe Canada to learn more.

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