Your Secret Weapon on Opening Weekend – and Every Day

Are You a Victim of These Common Inefficiencies?

Imagine that it’s opening weekend. The grand opening. Finally. After months of planning and hard work, your real estate development is ready to open its doors. You watch the line-up of buyers and investors waiting at the door. They have brochures in hand and are glancing at their smartphones. Finally the smiling sales agents pull open the heavy front doors, and the crowd rushes in. Everyone makes a beeline for the site plan display. Within a few seconds, dozens of people are pointing at the units they want and pulling sales agents aside. There’s a buzz throughout the sales centre, a buzz of audible excitement.

It’s mayhem. A happy mayhem – exactly what you planned and hoped for. Everyone wants to buy a new home at this project. The sales are coming in hot. But do you have the technology to make a busy opening event a great experience for everyone involved? Will buyers come away smiling and satisfied? Will the sales agents meet the buyers’ exacting demands? Will your company make as many sales as the market allows?

Or will you get tripped up by inefficiencies, costly errors, and the inability to close as many deals as you want to?

If you’ve dreamed of a more streamlined sales process, SaleFish is the solution. Our sales management software allows you to close deals in a way so smooth, your boss won’t believe it.

As a real estate vet, you already know the glitches and challenges of selling real estate:

  • Having all of the pertinent details at hand for a specific unit or home can be hard to do. Think siting, architectural controls, add-ons, what’s sold vs. available and more.
  • Purchase agreements are slow and tedious to fill out – not to mention, easy to make typos and mistakes on.
  • Details often get mixed up on the floor, creating frustrations for both buyers and sales agents

With SaleFish software, the sales process is completely streamlined: - Let buyers select lots, homes and add-ons on their own, without needing a sales agent to figure out all the details.

  • Move through the sales process smoothly and improve efficiency by 75% with fully-automated documents and paperwork production.
  • Centralize all your closing documents and capture electronic signatures.
  • Change pricing, availability, documentation, and workflow from any device.
  • Access real-time sales data for fast, accurate oversight of all your sales processes with full analytics and metrics.
  • Integrate SaleFish with your CRM or ERP software for seamless data transition.
  • Over 50 Billion in sales and counting, close more deals faster than ever with SaleFish, anywhere in the world.

You want to close more deals, have happy buyers and streamline the sales process. SaleFish is your secret weapon to make it happen.

To learn more about how SaleFish could work for you, contact us today for a demo. And make sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for more news and tips.

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